Terms & Conditions

The supplier will provide the services during the business hours 09.00-17.00. The supplier will also provide emergency service outside of business hours for any urgent travel-related problems and will provide the customer with the appropriate contact details to enable the customer to utilise the emergency services.

The supplier will provide the customer with relevant options subject to availability, compatible with the customers policy (where supplied). The customer shall choose and select the appropriate option and supplier for air travel, UK rail, Eurostar, continental rail, car rental and hotels.

Format of travel documents (hard copy, e-ticket or ticket on departure) will be advised by the customer at time of booking.

The supplier shall provide the services to the customer upon request by the customer via the online booking tool and/or offline booking team.

All invoicing will be to the company only, cost centres, purchase order numbers etc, are to be allocated at time of booking as per the agreement at account set up. Any failure to provide the correct information at point of booking which results in the customer requesting invoice reissue with additional information shall be undertaken by the supplier and a £5 reissue charge will be applied. If the supplier is at fault no charge will be applied.

If the customer fails to pay to the agreed term, the supplier has the right to interest on the overdue amount at the base rate of the Bank of England, accruing on a daily basis from the due date to actual date of payment.

Any applications for refund must be advised by the customer and supported by relevant ticket documentation. Fairway Travel will only credit an account once a refund is received from the supplier. Please note that this can take up to six months with some suppliers.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure they have all valid documents in their possession required for travel e.g. valid passport and visa. The supplier shall not be held responsible for any failure to obtain necessary documentation for passport, visa or health requirements.

The supplier shall comply with any notification requirements under the applicable data protection laws.

All company and personal details held by the supplier are secure and treated as confidential.  Any personal information is only passed to airlines, hotels, car rental companies and any other organisations that form part of the travel itinerary, and only then when it is needed to provide the travellers with the service that is booked.   The supplier will review all company details on a yearly basis.