The power of Twitter and our Top 10 Golfers


You may have noticed recently we’ve been a little more active in the Twittersphere (you can follow us @Fairway_Travel) than normal and we plan to continue with this.

We’re not only in the business of travel; we’re in the business of first class customer service and we’ve added Twitter to our ever-expanding communication channels. If you need us you can now call, email, tweet or find one of our representative’s on-site.

Now as many of you know we often send members of our travel team to the major golfing tournaments all over the world to support our clients and recently Chris was in Australia for the Perth International at Lake Karrinyup.

Chris shared a few photos of his view of the tournament on Twitter and they ended up being seen in the Twittersphere over 30,000 times! Here they are in case you missed them…

We have to say, we were pretty impressed with the reach of these photos and you can definitely expect to see lots more ‘on location’ shots throughout the European Tour.

Alongside our new-found photography skills we’ll also be posting regular updates and news from the tournaments and our clients, as well as our exclusive special offers.

As we’re fairly new to Twitter, we’d love to get your feedback, so if there is anything you’d like to see more of please tweet us and let us know!

The Top Ten professional golfers on Twitter
For now though, we’ll leave you with our top ten golfers to follow on Twitter this week (in no particular order):