Who is the ETTS and how are we involved?

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As many of you know, our fantastic team have maintained a presence at the European Tour tournaments for a number of years and we’re always on hand to assist with any travel requirements throughout the weekend as part of the European Tour Travel Services or ETTS.

We thought in our latest blog we’d give you an overview of how we became involved in the ETTS and what our role at the tournaments is.

Where it all began

Prior to the formation of the ETTS, booking official hotels for the tour was not the smooth process it is today and in 2008 the European Tour approached Fairway to develop an alternative system. With our wealth of knowledge and experience it was decided we’d make the ideal ‘booking engine’, and so the European Tour Travel Service was born.

Despite being known as the ETTS, you could say it is effectively powered by Fairway. Our team of six specialist travel consultants, headed up by Fairway director, Mark Dixon travel the world with the European Tour as the ETTS and are on hand to offer advice and solutions for any travel related query. More often than not they can be found at their desk in the players’ lounge, sporting the official tour uniforms.

Not only does the ETTS provide a dedicated hotel booking service for official hotels, we also provide, as an enhancement to the European Tour Players Services, travel solutions for flights too.


Alongside our presence at the tournaments there is also a dedicated page within the member’s area of europeantour.com. Not only can player, their teams and European Tour staff discover hotel information for advance events, there is also the facility to book rooms at these official hotels.

Our level of service doesn’t stop there though, we understand how hectic tournament travel can be and we aim to make it as easy and stress free as possible, which is why we have a dedicated email, mobile and landline number that connects directly to our UK office.

It doesn’t matter what airline you’re flying with or where your final destination is, our travel consultants are able to change departure dates/times, reissue tickets and even source new travel arrangements.

Where to find us

During tournaments we can be found at our ETTS official desk, although sometimes we can work from the media centre, it’s always nice to have a change of scenery! We’re available Monday to Sunday at most events, although our opening hours can vary. We do of course list our hours at the desk, but we’ll always be there until close of play on Fridays.

We’re here to help so if you need anything travel related whilst on tour please contact us on the following:

Mobiles: 07827 970480/ 07827970481

UK landline: 01422 829760

Email: reservations@europeantourtravelservices.com

If you’d like to receive a quotation for your tournament travel, please contact our team on +44 (0) 1422 829 761 or email travel@fairwaytravel.co.uk